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    <querypage name="Ancientpages">
        <page value="20061003160717" timestamp="2006-10-03T16:07:17Z" ns="0" title="Need for Speed Most Wanted Tips &amp; Tricks" />
        <page value="20061004024028" timestamp="2006-10-04T02:40:28Z" ns="0" title="Need for Speed 2 Cheats" />
        <page value="20061004102042" timestamp="2006-10-04T10:20:42Z" ns="0" title="Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed Guides" />
        <page value="20061004133827" timestamp="2006-10-04T13:38:27Z" ns="0" title="Badge of Doom" />
        <page value="20061004194528" timestamp="2006-10-04T19:45:28Z" ns="0" title="Forum God" />
        <page value="20061004194625" timestamp="2006-10-04T19:46:25Z" ns="0" title="Forum Hammer" />
        <page value="20061006135242" timestamp="2006-10-06T13:52:42Z" ns="0" title="Doodiehead" />
        <page value="20061007034255" timestamp="2006-10-07T03:42:55Z" ns="0" title="ST34LTH" />
        <page value="20061007070142" timestamp="2006-10-07T07:01:42Z" ns="0" title="Vacuum cleaner" />
        <page value="20061007161639" timestamp="2006-10-07T16:16:39Z" ns="0" title="Valued Member" />
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