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Welcome to the ''' Need For Speed Wiki'''.

Editing is open to every registered user. To login just use the same username and password that you use for the rest of the site/forum. If you want to register you can do so [ here].

==List of Need For Speed games==

* [[Need For Speed Rivals|Need For Speed: Rivals &lt;small&gt;(2013)&lt;/small&gt;]]
* [[Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012|Need For Speed: Most Wanted &lt;small&gt;(2012)&lt;/small&gt;]]
* [[Need for Speed The Run|Need For Speed: The Run &lt;small&gt;(2011)&lt;/small&gt;]]
* [[SHIFT 2 Unleashed|SHIFT 2: Unleashed &lt;small&gt;(2011)&lt;/small&gt;]]
* [[Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2010|Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit &lt;small&gt;(2010)&lt;/small&gt;]]
* [[Need for Speed World Online|Need For Speed: World &lt;small&gt;(2010)&lt;/small&gt;]]
* [[Need for Speed Nitro|Need For Speed: Nitro &lt;small&gt;(2009)&lt;/small&gt;]]
* [[Need for Speed Shift|Need For Speed: SHIFT &lt;small&gt;(2009)&lt;/small&gt;]]
* [[Need for Speed Undercover|Need For Speed: Undercover &lt;small&gt;(2008)&lt;/small&gt;]]
* [[Need for Speed Pro Street|Need For Speed: ProStreet &lt;small&gt;(2007)&lt;/small&gt;]]
* [[Need for Speed Carbon|Need For Speed: Carbon &lt;small&gt;(2006)&lt;/small&gt;]]
* [[Need for Speed Most Wanted|Need For Speed: Most Wanted &lt;small&gt;(2005)&lt;/small&gt;]]
* [[Need for Speed Underground 2|Need For Speed: Underground 2 (&lt;small&gt;2004)&lt;/small&gt;]] 
* [[Need for Speed Underground Rivals|Need For Speed: Underground Rivals (&lt;small&gt;2004)&lt;/small&gt;]]  
* [[Need for Speed Underground|Need For Speed: Underground &lt;small&gt;(2003)&lt;/small&gt;]]
* [[Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2|Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 &lt;small&gt;(2002)&lt;/small&gt;]]
* [[Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed|Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed &lt;small&gt;(2000)&lt;/small&gt;]]
* [[Need for Speed High Stakes|Need For Speed: High Stakes &lt;small&gt;(1999)&lt;/small&gt;]]
* [[Need for Speed Hot Pursuit|Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit &lt;small&gt;(1998)&lt;/small&gt;]]
* [[Need for Speed 2|Need For Speed 2 &lt;small&gt;(1997)&lt;/small&gt;]]
* [[The Need for Speed|The Need For Speed &lt;small&gt;(1994)&lt;/small&gt;]]

==Game comparisons==

*[[Cars in Need for Speed]]
*[[Race types in Need for Speed]]

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* [[ Showroom]]
* [[ Showroom Challenge]]
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* [[ Forum]]
* [[Member List| Member List]]
* [[ T-Shirts]]</rev>