2009 Shelby Terlingua Mustang

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The Terlingua Racing Team package for the V6 Ford Mustang includes serious performance enhancements and striking visual cues. The hot rod features significant improvements to the handling and braking capabilities that were developed with partners like Ford Racing; an optional supercharger will crank out 375 horsepower. The coupe sports a deep draw hood, 20” anthracite “Razor” wheels and a host styling changes including the famous Terlingua rabbit. The package will be applied, with a Shelby serial number, by official factory mod shops including the one at Shelby's Las Vegas facility. The retail base package price is estimated at about $7,995.

For “old school” Terlingua Racing Team fans, Shelby Automobiles and Neale also introduced a 1967 Terlingua continuation model Mustang that was revamped with modern technology. On the exterior, the car looks like the vintage 1967 Trans Am race car driven by Jerry Titus and Ken Miles; under the sheet metal, it is serious new age performance. From the authentic paint scheme to the 525 horsepower 408 c.i.d engine, the car is all business. Only a few of these cars, with a MSRP beginning at approximately $99,500, will be built annually under contract by Keith Craft Motorsports. Each will receive a Shelby serial number that will be registered in an official Shelby Automobiles registry.

Car Info

Make: Shelby
Model: Terlingua Mustang
Year: 2009
Price: $???,???
Wheel-Drive: ???
Horsepower: ???hp
Torque: ???lbs/tq

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