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List of signature competitions and winners so far:



4 Favorite Race Team (boganbusman)
5 Favourite Electronic Game

6 Best Movie (Sir Ibi)
(Image offline)
7 Make Something Destructive!

8 Favourite Musician

9 Favorite Car, Truck and/or Motorcycle!

10 Favourite Household Appliance (99k)

12 Favourite Beer
Abandoned. 13 Abstract/Odd/or Interesting (The Gravedigger)
14 Scary (The Gravedigger)
(Image offline)
15 Cartoons (2-way tie between boganbusman and YaelDjiel)
16 Nations (2-way tie between boganbusman and Jopuma)
(Jopuma image offline)
17 Grunge (| Ryu |)
18 Favourite Brand (SliM_880)
19 TV Show (sushy)
(Image offline)
20 Robots (xHaZxMaTx)
21 Favourite Musical Artist / Band (| Ryu |)
22 Favourite Video Game (Sir Ibi)
(Image offline)
23 Comic Book Character (YaelDjiel)
24 NFSUnlimited.NET (Jopuma)
(Image offline)
25 Favorite MP3/CD Player (Jopuma)
(Image offline)
26 Your Favorite NFS (The Gravedigger)
27 Favorite Video Game Character (boganbusman)
28 Favourite Anime Character (The Gravedigger)
29 Need for Speed Pro Street (ahmad0410)
(Image offline)
30 21st Century Motorsports (ahmad0410)
(Image offline)
31 Favourite / Most Useful Websites (boganbusman)
32 Aftermarket Performance Brands (ahmad0410)
33 Concepts and Exotics (Jopuma)
34 Most Anticipated Game (ahmad0410)
35 7th Gen Gaming Consoles (boganbusman)
36 Favourite Actor or Actress (ahmad0410)
37 Colin McRae Tribute (Dragster)
38 Persona/emotions/states of mind (boganbusman)
39 Favourite Flying Machine (3-way tie between ImJ, xHaZxMaTx and YaelDjiel)
40 Favourite Pastime (Tunerfreak)
41 Favourite Drink (Jopuma)
42 Paper sigs

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