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[ Wikipedia entry]<br/>
[ Wikipedia entry]<br/>
[ Manufacturer site]
[ Manufacturer site]
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[[Category:Need for Speed Cars]]

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Dodge Viper GTS (PC)
NFS Dodge Viper GTS (PC)
Pursuit Dodge Viper GTS (PC)
Dodge Viper GTS (PS2)
Dodge Viper GTS: NFS (PS2)


[edit] Car Info

Make: Dodge
Model: Viper GTS
Top Speed: 298 km/h
0-60 mph: 4.0 sec
Power: 450 bhp
Class: 3 / B

[edit] Description

"The Dodge Viper. Its menacing form hides the triple threat of its V10 engine - 488 cubic inches, 450 horsepower and 490 ft/lbs of torque."

"The Dodge Viper is a legend in the making. Its 8L, 10 cylinder engine generates 450 horsepower and a staggering 490 ft/lbs of torque put to the pavement through massive 18" wheels."

"A 20 valve, V10 engine attached to a six speed overdrive transmission puts these 3,000 pounds of American muscle from 0-100 mph in less than 9.5 seconds."

[edit] Performance

[edit] PC/GC/XBox

Gear Normal NFS Pursuit
1st 82 kph ??? kph ??? kph
2nd 123 kph ??? kph ??? kph
3rd 157 kph ??? kph ??? kph
4th 190 kph ??? kph ??? kph
5th 260 kph ??? kph ??? kph
6th >278 kph ??? kph ??? kph

[edit] PS2

Gear Normal NFS
1st ??? kph ??? kph
2nd ??? kph ??? kph
3rd ??? kph ??? kph
4th ??? kph ??? kph
5th ??? kph ??? kph
6th ??? kph ??? kph

[edit] Unlocks

[edit] PC/GC/Xbox

Normal version: 10,000 NFS Points
NFS version: 20,000 NFS Points
Pursuit version: 20,000 NFS Points

[edit] PS2

Normal version: Available from start.
NFS version: Accumulate 1,500,000 NFS Points.
Pursuit version: Not available.

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[edit] External Links

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