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[ Wikipedia entry]<br/>
[ Wikipedia entry]<br/>
[ Manufacturer site]
[ Manufacturer site]
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[[Category:Need for Speed Cars]]

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Opel Speedster (PC)
NFS Opel Speedster (PC)
Opel Speedster (PS2)
Opel Speedster: NFS (PS2)


[edit] Car Info

Make: Opel
Model: Speedster
Top Speed: 220 km/h
0-60 mph: 5.7 sec
Power: 145 bhp
Class: 5 / E

[edit] Description

"The Opel Speedster possesses a weight of only 1920 pounds. Combine this with a low drag coefficient and the Speedster is able to reach speads of over 130 miles an hour."

"The Opel Speedster. This lightweight two seater takes you from standing start to 62 mph in 5.9 seconds. It possesses a top speed of over 130 miles an hour."

"Opel's Speedster. A 2.2L 16V Ecotec engine delivers 150 ft/lbs of torque at 4000 rpms and 145 horsepower at 5800 rpms. This gives the Speedster a top speed of over 130 miles per hour."

[edit] Performance

[edit] PC/GC/XBox

Gear Normal NFS
1st 72 kph 72 kph
2nd 127 kph 127 kph
3rd 190 kph 191 kph
4th 232 kph 236 kph
5th >231 kph 236 kph

[edit] PS2

Gear Normal NFS
1st ??? kph ??? kph
2nd ??? kph ??? kph
3rd ??? kph ??? kph
4th ??? kph ??? kph
5th ??? kph ??? kph

[edit] Unlocks

[edit] PC/GC/Xbox

Normal version: 2,000 NFS Points
NFS version: 4,000 NFS Points
Pursuit version: Not available.

[edit] PS2

Normal version: Available from start.
NFS version: Complete Hot Pursuit Event 2, Opel Speedster Delivery.
Pursuit version: Not available.

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[edit] External Links

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