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[ Outback demonstration run]<br/>
[ Outback demonstration run]<br/>
[ Outback II demonstration run]
[ Outback II demonstration run]
==Related Pages==
==Related Pages==
[[Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 Tracks]]<br/>
*[[Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 Tracks]]
[[Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2]]
*[[Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2]]
[[Category:Need for Speed]]
[[Category:Need for Speed Tracks]]

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Outback (PS2)

Outback and the other Desert environment tracks are only available in the PS2 version of the game.


Track Info

Type: Circuit
Length: 8.787 km / 5.460 mi
Elevation: 49 to 179 m / 163 to 597 ft
Difficulty: Beginner
Weather: Sunny, Overcast
Environment: Desert


Forward: Complete Championship Event 11, Outback Time Trial.
Reverse: Complete Ultimate Racer Event 25, U.S. vs Germany Race Knockout.

External Links

Outback demonstration run
Outback II demonstration run

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