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Jump to: navigation, search is a fansite for the Need for Speed series of racing games, produced by Electronic Arts.

History first appeared online on April 8th, 2000 on free host first covering the game Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed, which was released on March 26th the same year. On May 8th the domain name was registered and soon afterwards the site moved to a proper web host.

The site slowly progressed both in content and in amount of visitors which resulted in more and more bandwidth being required. After changing several webhosts, the site settled with Edgenetwork in September 2002, where it remains hosted to this day.

In October 2003, the site's popularity increased sharply with the release of the Need for Speed Underground demo, followed by an even greater increase with the final release of Need for Speed Underground in November of that year. Soon after the release, a new site feature called the Showroom was introduced which allowed's visitors to upload screenshots of their customized cars from the game.

The Showroom soon became the most used website feature and led to the introduction of Showroom Challenges, Showroom-based competitions where users created and entered car screenshots conforming to the theme of the challenge. In June 2004, a special competition called TuningChallenge was organised. With a racing wheel and high performance mouse as the main prizes the TuningChallenge was the biggest competition organised by any series fansite until that date, surpassed only by next year's TuningChallenge 2 which was based on Need for Speed Underground 2 and had a high end graphics card, 3 gaming mice and several games as rewards.

In August 2005,'s webmaster was invited to a Community Day Event organized by Need for Speed developers, Electronic Arts at their headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. Full coverage of event was available on the website.

Right now the website boasts over 28,000 users who have contributed more than 200,000 forum articles and 180,000 on-site comments.


The website offers downloads for all Need for Speed games from Need for Speed High Stakes to the latest Need for Speed Pro Street. News is available covering the latest titles, a live IRC chat channel is offered, articles, an active forum and the aforementioned Showroom.

Free website hosting is also offered to other Need for Speed fan sites.

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