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*[[Need for Speed Hot Pursuit]]
*[[Need for Speed Hot Pursuit]]
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[[Category:Need for Speed Hot Pursuit|Tracks]]
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[edit] Tracks

There are eight different tracks to race the cars on, with bonus tracks available for players with the skills to unlock them. All tracks are circuits.

[edit] Beginner Tracks

  • Hometown
  • Atlantica
  • Redrock Ridge
  • Rocky Pass

[edit] Expert Tracks

  • Country Woods
  • Lost Canyon
  • Aquatica
  • Summit

[edit] Bonus Tracks

  • Empire City

[edit] Shortcuts

These shortcuts either save you valuable time, waste time, or provide an alternative route.

Hometown - When approaching the first covered bridge soon after the start, there is a alternative route to the left that goes beside the bridge and the fence. The car tends to jump when exiting this shortcut, so it may actually waste time. Credit: Nathan West

Atlantica - Soon after the rock EA sign, the road splits into two, rejoins, then splits into two again. On this second split, stay in the right lane, and you will see a path to the right made of wood. Go through this shortcut, and you save time. Credit: Nathan West

Redrock Ridge - When approaching the hairpin with the very high rock in the middle, there is a gap between this rock and the wall. This provides another hairpin that is shorter than the real one, providing valuable time. Credit: Nathan West

Country Woods - Just before one of the long hairpins, there is a forest of trees to the right. The small fence enclosing these trees is open here, allowing you to enter this shortcut. You must carefully drive through these trees, as some are close together. Your car will appear on the other side of the hairpin. This is the best shortcut found in the game. The second shortcut can only be used when the track is in "backwards" mode. There is a hairpin that can be seen on the large normal map on the bottom left. The two roads are very close together, although they differ in height. As soon as you pass the small fence, drive off this ledge, and fall on to the lower road. Recover the car (using 'R'), then drive off. This trick does save time when using a car with good acceleration. Credit: Nathan West

Lost Canyon - When approaching the temple ruins (Indian?), drive up the stairs and jump of them. Be careful where you aim the car, as it is very easy to slam into one of the pillars after the jump. The longer way is often the better way! Credit: Nathan West

Aquatica - There is a road in this track that curves to the left, and is surrounded by a fence to the left, and a giant wall to the right. As the curve begins to straighten out, there is a path to the right that provides an alternate route. This route does not give you much time, and may actually be slower. Credit: Nathan West

Empire City - Just after the start, before you enter the turn, there is a small gap to your left. After going through this, there is another shortcut behind the flashing lights ahead of you. The third shortcut is near the end of the lap. It can be found at the end of the second set of multiple pillars that separate the lanes. As the pillars finish, a wall on the right made of wood(?) can be seen. Just as this wall finishes, there is another one made of wood, with grafiti on it (trust those American youth :-) ). This wall can be knocked down by your car, and reveals the last shortcut of this track. The end of this shortcut consists of a small jump, so be careful as you exit. Credit: Nathan West

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