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==Game Info==
==Game Info==
[[Need for Speed SHIFT Car List| Car list]]
[[Need for Speed SHIFT Car List| Car list]]
[[Need for Speed SHIFT Track List| Track list]]
==Game Info==
==Game Info==

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Released in 2009 as one of three Need for Speed titles, Need for Speed: Shift is a significant departure from previous Need for Speed titles. Developed by Slightly Mad Studios, Shift is rumored to focus more on simulation racing than the arcade racing of previous titles and placing heavy emphasis on simulating the driver experience rather than style. Need for Speed: Shift is being described as a racing game built by racers for racers.


Game Info

Car list Track list

Game Info

Slightly Mad Studios
  • Developer: Slightly Mad Studios
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Release Dates: Fall 2009
  • Available on: XBOX 360™, PlayStation3®, Playstation® Portable, and PC-DVD


  • Interior View: Featuring detailed and fully functional cockpit that is also customizable.
  • Realistic Physics Engine
  • Damage Model
  • Full Replay Mode
  • Visual and Performance Customization
  • 16 car races
  • Real world tracks


NFS Shift SS 1.jpg NFS Shift SS 2.jpg NFS Shift SS 3.jpg NFS Shift SS 4.jpg

NFS Shift SS 5.jpg NFS Shift SS 6.jpg NFS Shift SS 7.jpg NFS Shift SS 8.jpg

NFS Shift SS 9.jpg NFS Shift SS 10.jpg NFS Shift SS 11.jpg NFS Shift SS 12.jpg

NFS Shift SS 13.jpg NFS Shift SS 14.jpg NFS Shift SS 15.jpg NFS Shift SS 16.jpg

NFS Shift SS 17.jpg NFS Shift SS 18.jpg NFS Shift SS 19.jpg NFS Shift SS 20.jpg

NFS Shift SS 21.jpg NFS Shift SS 22.jpg NFS Shift SS 23.jpg NFS Shift SS 24.jpg

NFS Shift SS 25.jpg

NOTE: These images and screenshots have been obtained from Electronic Arts and other sources. The identities of the other souces are watermarked on the images themselves.

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