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There is a posibility to edit the game in a couple of ways. The most popular one is vinyl editing. You can create your own vinyls using Photoshop or another image editor, and import them into the game. Another editing aspect is track editing. Unfortunately you can't import new tracks. It is only possible to change the skybox textures of the track and the textures of the menu's car park garage.. And the third thing you can edit is neon editing... You can edit neons by changing the shape of light (yuo can write some words on the ground under your car, and the colour (original neons are in one colour, but you can make it in two or more colours. The last thing you can edit is gauge; all you can do is change the colour of light.

So now abuot how to do this:

1. Programs needed:

You will need the BinTex which you will get here:( and a graphics editing program that has support for DDS files (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro). For further infor how to get dds editing work in Photoshop visit this website: Make sure you download and install the Photoshop DDS plugin AND the required DLLs. 2. Exporting vinyls Launch BinTex, open the VINYLS.BIN file from NFS Underground/Cars/ "Car of your choice" folder. First sort by name, then export the vinyl you want to edit. You MUST export both vinyl and vinyl_mask file. 3. Editing When opening a dds file make sure you open without displaying mipmaps. You will have to edit both dds files, the vinyl and the mask. The mask is always 2 colored, black background and some white area. The black area appears transparent on the car, whereas the white area will be used by the vinyl. In case of one colored and manufacturer vinyls, the mask and the vinyl must be the same. There are various techniques available in editing vinyls, depends on the program you use. You must be careful only about this: Only use the colors that were in the dds file before you edited it. If you use any other colors, the game will crash when you load the vinyl. When you finish editing, save it back to dds using ARGB 8bit pallete. 4. Importing back to the game Go to BinTex again, select the vinyl you exported before, click on Texutres - Import. Do the same for mask vinyl. Then click on save. The vinyl should be ready in the game. Note that the names of vinyls are not the same as in game. So be sure to check all vinyls in the game from the group you edited. If you experience a crash of the game when you select your vinyl in game, go back to step 3 and try to fix the dds images. 5. Most frequent issues

  • BinTex gives you the following error: "An error occured while trying to decompress texture data"

The jdlzdll.dll should be in the same dir as bintex.exe (they were both in the zip file).

  • BinTex gives you the following error when importing a dds file: "Texture format has an error!".

You must save the dds as ARGB 8bit. There is little info about importing and use of edited vinyls in this thread:

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