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==Related pages==
==Related pages==
*[[The Need for Speed]]
*[[The Need for Speed]]
[[Category:The Need for Speed|Cheats]]
[[Category:The Need for Speed|Cheats]]

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[edit] Cheats

[edit] PC

After winning the first two tournaments (with bonus track) enter these codes EXACTLY as they appear as your player name, be sure to use all CAPS and include spaces.

  • EAC 4X4R - Get new cars (4x4s, trucks, etc).
  • EAC POWR - Drive the 800Hp Warrior car.
  • EAC RALY - Enables Rally mode. Switches the Rusty Springs track to an Egyptian theme.
  • EAC SLOW - Timer is slow.
  • EAC WARP - Speeds up the game for arcade-style play.
  • EAC GIMX - Alternate advertising on walls & signs.
  • EAC TIME - Faster game clock.
  • EAC SCAR - Heavy crashes end the race.

Cheats may be combined, eg EAC RALY POWR would yield the Warrior car and an Egyptian Rusty Springs.

[edit] Related pages

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