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On July 26th EA launched a website WhichRoadToTake which is an intro to the November 18th release of Need for Speed Undercover. The website contains more or less hidden clues related to the game

All the discovered clues will be listed on this website. Whenever you find out something new, post it in the live chat and it will be added to the list below.

September 25th

September 23rd

  • Criminal database videos contain references to characters from previous NFS games, including Caleb Reece, Rachel Teller (both NFSU2) and Isabel "Izzy" Diaz (NFSMW). [1] (Thanks Attila)
  • Official website updated

September 18th

September 12th

September 4th

  • The official site has been updated. Some of the flying glass shards now show: (thanks 2furio)
    • Personnel Database: Chase Linh
    • Personnel Database: Jack Keller
    • Personnel File: Jack Keller

August 24th

  • On the official site click on the case under the speedhunters ad and it view the first mission briefing (thanks gigiosantos).

August 21st

August 20th

August 18th

  • The three cities in the area are Palm Harbor, Port Crescent and Sunset Hills
  • European release date is November 21st

August 15th

  • First screenshots available!
  • Need for Speed Undercover is a rich, cinematic experience where players are an undercover cop taking jobs and competing in races to prove themselves as they infiltrate and takedown an international crime syndicate.
  • Hollywood style shooting and production techniques
  • The player character will be an undercover cop
  • Maggie Q will be your only contact with the outside world
  • The story will be mission based

August 1st

July 31st

  • In dossier 27 the chinese looking woman states that she is going to pier 33 on Nov 18, and in chinese she says she doesnt know where the car is going but will get what she needs before they leave (thanks R0ger)

July 29th

  • This found on the WhichRoadToTake website. Mekanism is a San Francisco-based production studio housing film, animation, and interactive content creators. (thanks shadhardy)

July 28th

  • The numbers 29:08:44:05 appear in some videos. 44-29-8+5=12 12 weeks till the release of the game (thanks taz947, imprt_tunrz)
  • If go to dossier 22 and you click on the book that lies on top of the book shelf a video will show and then if you click on the book that the guy has on the table, you'll see pictures from the possible characters (thanks ehamigo)
  • IMDB Need for Speed Undercover page discovered which lists the crew behind the game

July 27th

  • Christina Milian plays a character named Carmen: link
  • 8 6 3 3 7 2 6 8 3 7 actually spell out undercover on a phone. (thanks t3chth1rt33n)
  • You can access all site features by going here and changing the last number in the url. There seems to be 27 different videos available. (thanks Johnny_Yuan)

July 26th

  • Door handle leads to a fortune cookie with the numbers 86 33 72 68 37. Googling for 8633726837 returns what looks like a dictionary which links numbers to words. The previously mentioned number means undercover. First confirmation that this website is NFS Undercover related!
  • Keywords in the header of the website show the words Tri-Cities, Tri-City, which could be the possible location of NFSUndercover. (thanks Pabl0z)
  • Calendar shows "Drop date" on November 18th.
  • Several items in the room are "locked" with a note of "accessible July 30th" appearing
  • WhichRoadToTake contains several clickable objects that show short movies or scenes from the interrogation room.
  • Speculations of being NFSUndercover related as website is hosted at EA. Christina Milian spotted in the trailer.
  • discovered which leads to the WhichRoadToTake website.

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